Don't Miss Just Like A Woman

The latest production to come to our Clubhouse studio space at The Wharf is from the pen of our good friend, Rob Johnston.

Billed as "a short play about the fairer sex. And lesser forms of life", Just Like A Woman sees three factory workers coming to terms with their memories of the stuff they have processed over the years, and asks "If men didn't exist ... would women bother to invent them?".

Featuring three familiar faces to RLT audiences, Kathryn Sinclair (fresh from her appearance in Glorious!), Katherine Godfrey (An Extraordinary Light), and Emma Romy-Jones (Dark Satanic), the play runs from Thursday 23 November for three nights at 8pm.

Tickets are only £6 and Rob is donating half the ticket fee plus an additional lump sum to boost our much needed RLT funds, so get booking now.

Booking is by reservation only by calling 0161 646 0047 or email

More details on the play on the show page

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November 14, 2017 11:17 AM

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