RLT Awards 2017

Following our AGM last night we had our Annual Members Awards. These are in recognition of the good work that has been performed on and off stage over the last season, starting from last October with One Man, Two Guvnors (OMTG) and ending with May's DI, Viv & Rose, and of course Alice in Wonderland in between..

The awards are a mix of serious perennial awards (The Members and John Axon Acting Award) and the fun show related.

And the winners are:

Romiley Little Theatre Members Award

Awarded to the member who has gone above and beyond in any capacity

Winner - Sue Penton - for outstanding work as our secretary this year, keeping the committee in line.

John Axon Acting Award

Awarded to a performer who has excelled during the season

Winner - Shaun Penton - for Francis Henshall in OMTG

Golden Screw Award

Awarded to the often unsung heroes of the backstage crew, and in recognition of a crew member who has gone that extra mile in creating a scene or prop that has the maximum impact to a performance.

Contenders for this award are:
Alan Wallwork for the mushroom/toadstool in Alice, but this was disallowed because the propeller fell off causing the plane to become uncontrollable and crash into the curtains.

Mike Howells for the Cricketers Arms in OMTG.

But without doubt there was only one clear front runner who went above and beyond when he agreed to be the guinea pig to test his design for the fire extinguisher in OMTG. Oh how we laughed and that moment has been captured forever in this stunning award.The award goes to - Andy Gelsthorpe

Over The Top Award

This award has typically bee awarded to a player who was guilty of the most shameless over-acting and upstaging in a play. It's a credit to all our actors and directors this season that there was no clear winner; however one person came hilariously close throughout OMTG and capped his performance by going OVER THE TOP off Brighton Pier. The award goes to - Tom Arrowsmith as Stanley Stubbers in OMTG

Piece Artist Award

In almost every show their are bits and pieces of scenery and props which need to be painted. We have therefore created an award that recognises the achievement of those members who have consistently created these masterpieces.

Nominations are:
Jack Warner for the superb and well placed red spots on mush room (Alice)

Richard Gerrard and Alan Wallwork for painting the amazingly lifelike Flamingo hockey sticks used in Alice. So realistic someone reported us to the RSPB for abuse.

But without doubt the winner has to be Michael Howells for his creation of the Cricketers Arms in OMTG (so real that some audience members tried to go there for a pint after the show) and also his incredible shrinking door in Alice.

Glitter Ball Award

Awarded for outstanding fizz, panache and courage against all odds in a performance this season, for which there can only be one contender. The award goes to - Hayley Johnson for Di, Viv & Rose.

Elf & Safety Award

Elf & Safety Award

This award goes to someone whose prompt action, daring and courage saved an entire performance and probably even the theatre itself. Again, there is only one possible contender for this award, which goes to Kathryn Sinclair for her timely use of a fire extinguisher, without training at all, in the Dinner Service scene from OMTG

We Wos Robbed Award!!

Those of us who attended the GMDF Awards night can vouch for the fact that this player shuld have had the Best Actor award. So we have decided that this event should not go un-avenged. The We Wos Robbed award goes to - Shaun Penton for his performance in OMTG.

The Set Destructors Award

Throughout a play season it is inevitable that over-enthusiasm when an actor is giving their all, that things can go wrong, and the result is the demolition of a carefully constructed set. There were no contenders for a stage performance this year, but we do have one clear favourite for an act that occured in the rehearsal room when an actor almost demolished the wall and destroyed the electrical socket within by hurling a bin into it during a OMTG rehearsal. Set Destructor of the Year goes to Shaun Penton.

The Alice Cooper Knicker Award

This is one of the most enduring awards of the season, named after Alice Cooper - now sadly gone - who I believe originally supplied the knickers mounted in this award. THey were very fashionable all those years ago. The award is for the player who exposed the most flesh in a show. Sue Penton (nee Oldham) was the permenant holder of the trophy for the first many years and it also true to say that it has almost exclusively been won by females (The Graduate, Calendar Girls) but not any more with a number of men claiming the prize. ADDENDUM- This award was actually won by Hayley Johnson

The Filth Bucket Award

Originally awarded to Adam Urey for Jimmy the Sh**e-bucket in One Big Blow, this award celebrates the foul language playwrights often put into our mouths. After last season's Jerusalem we have been fairly tame this year, bar Kelly Martindale's four letter expletive in Di, Viv & Rose. However we have awarded this year's award to Hayley Johnson for her F**ny Fan, also in Di, Viv & Rose.

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